A Sweet Melody

It’s soothing

Every time I listen to it

The sweet melody that comes out of the music box

And even when I close my eyes

I can still see it

The day you gave it to me

A present you said

And I know it wasn’t for my birthday

But I couldn’t ask

You wouldn’t tell me

Until today I don’t know the reason

Yet I’m okay with that

Because while I have this

While this memory lingers

I can still hold on to you

Bitter Sweet

You’re not the first person I ever went out with

But you are my first love

Not that you even know that

We were just trying to find ourselves

Nothing but a mere experiment at the time

But those few moments we had

Even if they were in secret

They meant so much

But our paths are yet to cross again

Maybe they never will

And I’ve come to accept it

It’s just so bitter-sweet