First Impressions

I am a person of few words

I am the person that’s hard to read

I am emotionless and blunt

I seem to not have any decent traits

These are things usually said about me

But I will say on thing–one thing only

Keep your opinions to yourself

Because you haven’t taken the time to know me




Captivated By You

These feelings I cherish

These memories I keep

They all have something in common

They all revolve around you

You have never been one of many words

And I haven’t had a problem with that

In fact, they’ve had the opposite affect on me

I cherish them

They are who you are

While some find them odd

And others find it distasteful

I embrace them

In a way—

When our eyes meet

When I am the only who understands

It feels as if the ocean speaks to me

The ocean petrifies me

Yet you know that

But as long as you are by my side

The waves will be nothing but soothing and gentle

I will forever cherish these feelings

These memories I will treasure

So for now

While we still can

Let me be by your side

Because just like the ocean

The future is unpredictable


Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

There’s something about you

I can see it in your eyes

You tend to be grateful and so full of life

And everyday you remind me– It’s great to be alive.

To Let Go

I had to let you go

For your sake, I stopped myself from being selfish

I knew you needed to find yourself

If that meant going without me than be it

I knew what and where I wanted to go after graduation

Yet you were at a loss

Part of me was disappointed

I just thought that you and I were going to go and find ourselves together

I was wrong

Just don’t lose who you are now

Just know that I’ll be here when you come back

I know I had to let you go

But I will also be here waiting when you come back

To Wait

Good things happen to those who wait

But I never truly believed this

The world is just so much crueler than this

Give me a reason to wait

To believe in such a thing

Yet here I am today–waiting

Waiting for you to acknowledge me

I now have a reason

So do me a favor

Look my way and smile

‘Cause I am willing to wait for you



100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – Week#147

Eva Said:

That time of the week again! :)

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Well autumn is supposed to be around once September arrives. Here in the UK I get the feeling that the seasons have not quite made their minds up. Summer seems to be keen to hang around for little while longer – thankfully.

The prompt this week is :

… the hips and haws signal …

The link will close on 14th September

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